Every customer has specific needs and expectations.

Our technological competence asset and our will of being a support to those who want to buy from ASED, allow us to supply solutions, more than plants, to the needs of our customers.

Our packaging systems are tought-out to be created, by the use of modules, for the real needs of customer.

This is the reason why every customer find the right solution to his needs. 

Maximum efficiency means minimum waste and an important reduction of the total cost of ownership.

ASED tube packaging machines answer these needs thanks to their characteristics:

  • Modularity for an easy adaptability to different kind of production
  • Absolute delicacy of movements and absence of crawling on tubes already put into bundle
  • Functioning and maintenance optimization
  • High ergonomics and quietness
  • Reduction of production stops due to installation and start-up phase
  • Space savings
  • Wide and efficient panoply of accessories